Bridgestone – World Solar Challenge display

vizmill Events, Realtime 3d

We created this HTML5 visualisation as part of the design phase of a new type of display module to be shown by Bridgestone Australia for the World Solar Challenge in Australia. We worked with our client to test the layout and position of graphics and furnishings, allowing them to visualise their display from any angle. During the process, we provided …


Bridgestone Truck Show

vizmill Automotive, Events, Realtime 3d

We created this HTML5 scene for use in the design stages of a new display at the Australian Truck Show for Bridgestone Australia. The real time scene allowed the client to see positioning and scale of all artwork, posters, banners and furniture, giving them and their suppliers a fantastic overview on how the show stand would appear once constructed. Instructions …


RMS – The Zipper Machine – Realtime

vizmill Automotive, Engineering, Realtime 3d

A realtime tool we built using Unity to show off the “Zipper Machine”, a lane-changing machine commissioned by the RMS and currently operating along Victoria Rd near Drummoyne, NSW. We also created a series of animated videos for this project which you can see here. Instruction : You must have the Unity web plugin installed (read here for more information) …

RibbonViz_0000s_0007_Layer 22

Grocon – The Ribbon – Realtime

vizmill Construction, Engineering, Realtime 3d

We created this tool to help the engineers at Grocon understand and communicate the staging of a unique development proposal in Darling Harbour NSW. We made the app specifically to be time-based which allows the user to change time using a slider (along the bottom of screen). This shows each stage as required in correct order. We also created an …

display_0006_Layer 14

Bridgestone Display Centre

vizmill Construction, Realtime 3d

We created this HTML5 scene for the design of a new Mining Tyre display centre to be built in unused space of a Bridgestone service centre on a remote mine site. During the production, our client used the tool to quickly visualise and make decisions regarding the layout of artwork, posters, props and furniture to be used. Instructions : Click …

BrdgeHQ_0009_Layer 1

Bridgestone Australia Headquarters

vizmill Realtime 3d

We created this visualisation tool to help Bridgestone Australia determine how to decorate their Adelaide headquarters. We created this for display in the web browser, and added some basic interface switches to turn on and off various colour and signage options. Instructions : Click on the image below to begin. Your browser must be HTML5 compatible. Use keyboard W, A, …