Sunsilk bottle designs

vizmill Products

Here’s a variety of renders we created for Sunsilk to test a new bottle design against a range of colours and labels.  Our designs were chosen for manufacture and the product range was released Australia wide in 2012.


Point of Sale items

vizmill Products

Here’s a variety of 3d renders of real and not-so real items we created for use in displays inside stores and market places. Each of our clients had quite differing requirements but all agreed that the use of our imagery greatly enhanced their customers’ experience.  



vizmill Products

Created for marketing and market testing purposes, these images formed a part of a series of product visualisation works that we produced for Huggies Australia.



vizmill Products

We created this series of photoreal renderings for the release of a new range of modems from iBurst. These were used for marketing purposes prior to launch, and we worked with our client to generate various finishes to be approved by the manufacturer, and to determine the final product design.  


Shufflemaster Equinox

vizmill Animation, Products

We created this video for Shufflemaster Australia for the release of their new cabinet called “Equinox” onto the market at G2E in Las Vegas.