Bridgestone – World Solar Challenge display

vizmill Events, Realtime 3d

We created this HTML5 visualisation as part of the design phase of a new type of display module to be shown by Bridgestone Australia for the World Solar Challenge in Australia. We worked with our client to test the layout and position of graphics and furnishings, allowing them to visualise their display from any angle. During the process, we provided …


Bridgestone Truck Show

vizmill Automotive, Events, Realtime 3d

We created this HTML5 scene for use in the design stages of a new display at the Australian Truck Show for Bridgestone Australia. The real time scene allowed the client to see positioning and scale of all artwork, posters, banners and furniture, giving them and their suppliers a fantastic overview on how the show stand would appear once constructed. Instructions …


Shanghai World Expo

vizmill Animation, Events

We created these visualisation works (over 12 minutes of animated content) for David Atkins Enterprises for use in their tendering of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Shanghai World Expo 2010. Their tender was successful and resultedĀ inĀ over $30m of work for DAE and Spinifex Interactive here in Australia.    


Islamic Museum Opening Ceremony

vizmill Events

We worked with David Atkins Enterprises and Spinifex Group to create visualisation for the Opening Ceremony of the new Islamic Museum in Doha, Qatar. We created around 10 minutes of animated video and many still images for use in the tender proposal which was ultimately successful and resulted in several millions dollars of works for our clients.


DAE – Qatar Marine Festival

vizmill Events

We created this video for David Atkins Enterprises for use in their tendering process for the annual Qatar Marine Festival held along the foreshores of Doha in Qatar.



vizmill Events

Over the years we’ve built many differing 3d graphics to help the communication of events at their planning and proposal stage. Here are a series we did for a Redbull event held in Darling Harbour which shows a variety of proposed layouts used for our client’s presentation process.


Libyan Youth Festival

vizmill Events

We created a series of animated and static images as part of a Spinifex Group tender presentation for the Libyan Youth Festival held Tripoli to celebrate 40 years of the Libyan revolution. The tender application was successful, and when the event was held a few months later, the crowd was estimated at over a million people, and the largest gathering …


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

vizmill Events

We created a variety of visualisation images and animations for Spinifex Interactive for their planning of an event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which involved the public revealing of the King’s Cities of the Future master plan. We worked to create 3d models and visualisation accurate to the floorplans and blueprints, enabling effective communication of proposed ideas and concepts …


Ford Luna

vizmill Automotive, Events

We created several large renders for the tendering and preparation of the launch of the Ford Luna at the Chicago Auto Show. Our work was used by Spinifex Group for planning, presentation and layout purposes, and printed at large scale for public display.


Moto X Games proposal

vizmill Events

We created several renders for a proposal to bring some of the RedBull Moto X games into the heart of the city. Our renders were used to propose the format and layout to Sydney City Council.