RMS – The Zipper Machine – Realtime

vizmill Automotive, Engineering, Realtime 3d

A realtime tool we built using Unity to show off the “Zipper Machine”, a lane-changing machine commissioned by the RMS and currently operating along Victoria Rd near Drummoyne, NSW. We also created a series of animated videos for this project which you can see here. Instruction : You must have the Unity web plugin installed (read here for more information) …

RibbonViz_0000s_0007_Layer 22

Grocon – The Ribbon – Realtime

vizmill Construction, Engineering, Realtime 3d

We created this tool to help the engineers at Grocon understand and communicate the staging of a unique development proposal in Darling Harbour NSW. We made the app specifically to be time-based which allows the user to change time using a slider (along the bottom of screen). This shows each stage as required in correct order. We also created an …


RMS – Soft soils

vizmill Animation, Engineering, Infomatics

Since 2009, we have been a part of the Roads and Maritimes Services – Digital Media Panel, and have since created many different visualisations to assist them communicate with their stakeholders and the general public. When the upgrade of the Pacific Highway was announced in 2011, we were commissioned to produce a series of videos called the Ballina Soft Soil …


Grocon – 120 Pitt St

vizmill Construction, Engineering

We’ve produced a whole series of graphics for the 120 Pitt St project underway in the Sydney CBD where Grocon are refurbishing a heritage building and adding a new multistory office building in the airspace above. These images show a variety of elements that have been used to communicate aspects of the project to stakeholders and the general public.


RMS – Diamond Grinding

vizmill Animation, Engineering

As part of our work on the Digital Media Panel for the Roads and Maritime Services NSW, we created this video to showcase and explain the technology behind leveling roads using a Diamond Grinding machine. ┬áThis machine is use to smooth rough and cracked road surfaces without the need to lay down new tarmac/asphalt. This video is now in the …


RMS – Mines and Bridges

vizmill Construction, Engineering, Infrastructure

This piece we created as part of our Digital Assets Library contract with the Roads and Maritime Services of NSW, Australia. It highlights some of the technology and techniques that are currently used during construction of highways and roadworks over areas of land that have been heavily mined, such as the Hunter Valley in NSW. Also it showcases a unique …


BHP Onesteel

vizmill Animation, Engineering

We created and delivered a series of animations for BHP Onesteel to showcase the unique products and innovative techniques used at their steel manufacturing facilities here in Australia.


RMS – The “Zipper Machine”

vizmill Animation, Engineering, Infomatics

Commissioned by the Roads and Maritime Services as part of their Digital Assets Library, we created this video to assist them explain to the general public a revolutionary new machine named the “Zipper Machine” which operates along Victoria Rd between Glebe and Drummoyne in Sydney during weekdays. ┬áThe machine moves concrete barriers from one lane to another, creating new lanes …