Bridgestone Truck Show

vizmill Automotive, Events, Realtime 3d

We created this HTML5 scene for use in the design stages of a new display at the Australian Truck Show for Bridgestone Australia. The real time scene allowed the client to see positioning and scale of all artwork, posters, banners and furniture, giving them and their suppliers a fantastic overview on how the show stand would appear once constructed. Instructions …


RMS – The Zipper Machine – Realtime

vizmill Automotive, Engineering, Realtime 3d

A realtime tool we built using Unity to show off the “Zipper Machine”, a lane-changing machine commissioned by the RMS and currently operating along Victoria Rd near Drummoyne, NSW. We also created a series of animated videos for this project which you can see here. Instruction : You must have the Unity web plugin installed (read here for more information) …


Subaru – All 4 the Driver

vizmill Animation, Automotive, Infomatics

In 2010, Subaru Australia launched their Subaru TV network, and we were commissioned to produce around 20 minutes of animated content along with spinarounds renders of all their entire range of vehicles. We created the entire body of works including all car models using only photography and manual measurement. The CGI works we produced won the prestigious Australian Video Producers …



vizmill Automotive

We created a huge array of 3d spinaround vehicle renders for Honda used in their motor show circuit in 2010/2011. These were used in animated and print media interspersed with live footage and photography as chosen by their art team. Here’s justĀ a few images we created using 3d model data of their car range.    


Ford Luna

vizmill Automotive, Events

We created several large renders for the tendering and preparation of the launch of the Ford Luna at the Chicago Auto Show. Our work was used by Spinifex Group for planning, presentation and layout purposes, and printed at large scale for public display.