Who we are

Vizmill is the Visualisation Company. We are engineers and artists who visualise complex ideas with engaging & memorable imagery. We help our customers communicate any concept whether physical, temporal or ephemeral. From simple sketches to full-motion 3D animated experiences, we build beautiful graphic solutions so that everyone can understand your idea with perfect clarity.

Studio Services

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    A great idea needs cohesive design in order for the message to be clear. Concepts and storyboards are a valuable way to plan a project.

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    We can build your concept in house, or import your model from almost any 3d, CAD or BIM software format.

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    From testing a camera position at an event, to a complex demonstration of how your mechanism works, animation tells the story of your product.

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    Surfacing and shaders

    Does it look like wood, silk, steel, leather? Is it wet or dry? Is it muted or contrasted, we make it exactly how you imagine it.

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    Want a 3d object in a live film, or a real person in a 3d world, or did you want to include something into your film? No problem, our compositors can make it work.

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    Chop and change the flow, make it snappy or hold for the effect. We work with you to make sure your message is memorable.

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    Add sound effects, pick the voice, or orchestrate the music, we provide a feast for the ears as well.

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    Encoding and Delivery

    Is your project being viewed on a website or a stadium? Virtual or actual reality? Whether on film, tape or printed on a building, we can have your idea appear anywhere you want.

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    Virtual Reality

    From 360° video & rendered panoramics to full motion immersive realtime experiences, we can make your idea come to life on any VR headset.

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    Augmented Reality

    With QR codes or branded trackers, you can make your idea appear on any object or surface.

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    Need reference or artwork for your project? Would you like to capture a timelapse or observe construction shadowing? Photography is an essential tool.

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    Blue & Green screening

    Want people to appear in your film or VR experience? It’s no problem with our green and blue screen facilities.

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    Feeling directionless? Need art direction for your images, creative direction for your brand or technical direction for your event? Our talented crew can steer your idea onto a smoother path.

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    Live action filming

    From timelapse to interviews, our crew is equipped for it all.

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    Light and shadow studies

    Worried your foyer won’t get the winter sun? Our systems can accurately calculate sun and shadow positions at any time of year.

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    Rapid prototyping

    Good prototypes minimise the time and money needed for development while maximising the return.

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